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How Is Velvet Rascal Artisan Jewelry Made



In the age of technology and 3D printing most modern day jewelry is created on a computer eliminating the romance of  the handmade touch.  Genuine beauty lies in imperfection; human creations, are given life by their asymmetries and flaws.   At velvet rascal we love artwork that is created by human hands it's unique, it’s honest, it’s real.

For this reason we continue to create our jewelry by hand and always will.

Silver Casting

Velvet Rascal's rings and pendants are created by Lost Wax casting.

Lost wax casting or 'hollow casting’ is an ancient technique, where molten metal is poured into a clay mold.  First, a piece of jewelry is handcrafted in wax.  In a cylinder, clay is poured around the wax model to create a mould.  Once the clay is dry, the mould is heated to a point where the wax melts away.  This is where the name 'lost wax' comes from.  At this point you have a clay mould, with a hollow figure that looks exactly like the original wax model.

Molten metal is then poured into the hollow cast where the wax used to be.  Making a metal replica of the wax model.


How Are Wax Models Created?

Velvet Rascal wax models are created using moulds.  Ariana collects tiny objects from random places and makes small moulds of them.  Pouring melted wax into these moulds she is able to make exact wax replicas of these objects.  These wax replicas are then turned into wax jewelry models and cast into metal.  

Finding many of these items in Opshops she loves up cycling.

“By moulding these objects and using them to create something else, I am able to breathe new life into something otherwise forgotten."

Wax models are either handcrafted by Ariana herself or designed by Ariana and hand carved by Local Artisans in Bali, Indonesia.

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